From prescriptive to performance-based: An overview of international trends in specifying durable concretes

In addition, staff in a first-year programming department advise students who are undecided about their major. Rather than having business leaders plot out strategies to the last detail, they create somewhat looser, more general strategies and solicit input from department heads and employees. This way, employees at various levels of the company hierarchy can voice their concerns about the strategy and suggest alternative actions. A mixed approach like this can prevent poorly planned strategies from going into practice and can improve upon proposed business strategies.

advantages of prescriptive approach

A prescriptive grammarian believes that certain forms are correct while others are erroneous, even if they are used by native speakers. Many prescriptivists believe that modern linguistics is to blame for the deterioration in terminology standards, as it tends to focus on real rather than perceived terminology usage. The cognitive school of strategic management views strategy formation and creation as a mental task. These schools are an important milestone in the overall debate on the descriptive vs. prescriptive strategic approach.

A review on concrete surface treatment Part I: types and mechanisms

According to this implication, leaders of academic advising programs at HBCUs should administer the AAI to determine the most commonly used advising approach on their campuses and the level of satisfaction students report with this approach. Armed with this information, they can review their academic advising services for implementing any necessary changes. For example, thought leaders can use the results of the AAI to develop, enhance, or modify advisor training and thereby provide students with the approach that they prefer and thus enhance their satisfaction. In this work, we investigate the challenges public-sector organizations face when seeking to leverage prescriptive analytics and provide insights into the public value such data-driven tools and methods can provide.

advantages of prescriptive approach

Descriptive usages are generally understood and don’t need to be taught, especially to native speakers. Because descriptivists more easily accept change due to syntax modifications and cultural influences, they believe language is learned or understood rather than taught. For example, you don’t need to teach students that your voice goes down at the end of a statement and up at the end of a question.

The New Sales Imperative

From the model maximizing the adjusted pseudo-R2 we subsequently eliminate variables until there is no further improvement in the RMSE to maximize the out-of-sample prediction quality. 3, the input dataset to train the application consists of the aforementioned charging data and additional datasets that capture the urban environment. The charging data was pre-processed by, first, transforming the CP readings (a binary variable indicating whether a given CP is in use) into charging sessions.

Until they have a clear grasp of the technology’s benefits, they won’t move to the next buying stage. The provider also discovered that in the second stage, various customer stakeholders across IT, operations, and finance often had differing ideas about the solution’s uses and its value to their function and to the company. That’s not because the provider fails to meet customer expectations but because the customer stalls on the journey before a specific solution is even on the table. The prescriptive approach traditionally used for the durability of reinforced concrete structures, although presenting satisfactory results for most current buildings, has been shown to be insufficient when high service lives are required. This is especially so due to the fact that this approach only refers to parameters indirectly related to the concrete durability.

Descriptive Approach Vs. Prescriptive Approach

In response to the positive feedback from these conversations with public-sector stakeholders, the research from this project was spun off into a start-up company along with other work focused on urban analytics. Interestingly, this process of turning academic insight into a commercial product was facilitated by funding from a public-sector entity seeking to enable such a knowledge transfer. Through a joint venture with a public-sector enterprise focused on the utility sector, the algorithms from the research project were further developed using proprietary data and turned into a commercial product. This product provides city-specific recommendations for CP placement and has informed decision-makers in dozens of municipalities since its launch in 2018. Performance-based specifications become even more important when the projected structure will be subject to environments of severe environmental aggressiveness, as well as in the case of large constructions whose nature presents large social, financial, or environmental impacts. Thus, establishing and consolidating routines for evaluating and verifying the conformity of materials regarding the expected performance are fundamental steps to guarantee the quality and, above all, the durability of reinforced concrete structures exposed to severely aggressive environments.

advantages of prescriptive approach

For example, without sustainable agricultural practices the natural resources of farms worldwide might be damaged. Saunders and other writers (2008) emphasised Value Chain Analysis for its role in understanding competitive advantage and stated out that it cannot be understood by looking at an organisation as a whole, which leads to the major problem towards this analysis. Lynch (2009) argued that Value Chain seems works only to explore existing linkages and value-added areas within the existing structure of the business. Hamel and Prahalad (1996) supported the argument and suggested that revolution in management sector is required rather than to create the future. According to Lynch (2009), a prescriptive strategy is “one where the objective has been defined in advance and the main elements have been developed before the strategy commences”.

The Words of the Week – Sept. 15

From the charging sessions we calculated the utilization of each outlet and, subsequently, the average utilization of each station. 4
, utilization rates approximately follow a beta law with most observations showing a utilization value between 0.05 and 0.20. To reflect these characteristics of the dependent variable, the analytics application employs a beta regression model as proposed by Ferrari and Cribari-Neto (2004), which has been specifically designed for modelling rates and proportions. Moore (2000) argues that performance measures are far less clear-cut for non-profit and governmental organizations. The value these organizations provide is often linked to some social purpose or politically mandated missions. While for-profit firms derive justification of their existence from the financial returns to their shareholders, public-sector organizations derive justification from this purpose or mission.

  • This value is calculated from a kernel density estimation (KDE) similar to the one described in Appendix A for the POI categories.
  • The restrictions of the students’ level of skill, as well as the unique qualities of the classroom, are considered by pedagogical grammarians.
  • On another negative note, when formulation and implementation of strategy occurs simultaneously there is a risk that strategy development becomes too slow and jumbled a process.
  • Educators, scientists and analysts apply descriptive and prescriptive approaches or theories to their instructional methods and workplace responsibilities.
  • It can further clarify how these results were then incorporated into the final decision since other objectives beyond maximizing utilization may have played a role (such as distance between CPs, visibility, or power grid structure).

Understanding the possible cultural differences between HBCUs and PWIs might lead to changes in the advising approach and practices used with students at HBCUs and with HBCU students who transfer to other types of institutions. Participants completed an electronic survey, the AAI (Winston & Sandor, 1984), about their first-year academic advising experience. The AAI is used to compare and distinguish prescriptive and developmental advising on the basis of students’ responses to a series of questions. Mintzberg described emergent strategy as “realized strategy” in contrast to “defined strategy”, which refers to prescriptive strategy. Like any other approach to strategic management, the Mintzberg emergent strategy has its advantages and its drawbacks. Its advantages include flexibility, adaptability and the organic development of management strategies that work for the companies where they develop.

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Prescriptive analytics solutions like IBM Decision Optimization enable accurate decision-making for complex problems by providing tools for building and deploying optimization models that are mathematical representations of business problems. Powerful optimization solvers then solve these models using sophisticated algorithms and deliver recommendations to decision-makers. Originally, a paper and pencil instrument, the AAI was converted to a Microsoft Excel document for electronic access and is known as the Academic prescriptive security in banking Advising Inventory System (AAIS) (Freitag, 2008). For this study, the AAIS was further transposed for use with SurveyMonkey (2014), a web-based survey-development application with enhanced security features, for administration and the collection of data for statistical analysis. The second relies on a written commitment to progress through defined steps toward purchase. Beyond following the framework outlined here—work across functions, tap star reps’ expertise, involve customers—there’s no rigid blueprint.

Linguists frequently utilise this approach to vocabulary to investigate the rules or patterns that underpin a speaker’s use of words and sentences. Find out how the following companies are creating better processes and customer experiences through the prescriptive insights provided by their analytics tools. Prescriptive analytics is the natural progression from descriptive and predictive analytics procedures. It also saves data scientists and marketers time in trying to understand what their data means and what dots can be connected to deliver a highly personalized and propitious user experience to their audiences.

Service life design and assessment for concrete structures in HZM Sea Link Project for 120 years

It is only effective if organizations know what questions to ask and how to react to the answers. Prescriptive grammar establishes a set of guidelines for distinguishing between acceptable and unacceptable language usage. Descriptive grammar, on the other hand, examines language as it is spoken by real people and strives to understand and establish rules for it. Prescriptive grammar’s regulatory perspective may distinguish between correct and incorrect language usage, but it falls short of describing the facts. Prescriptive grammarians may promote artificial vocabulary with little evidence in real use if they stick to the ideal set of rules they claim govern language. Prescriptive vocabulary describes or rather specifies how speakers should or should not use a language.

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